My Current Fundraiser

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Hello fellow readers!

I’m going to have a little fundraising series. That seriously won’t be much. I’m not planning on fundraising too much, just mostly working. But I will have to do a little bit of fundraising.


Literally what I think of fundraising

Literally what I think of fundraising. 

But, it’s good, I always learn quite a lot when I fund-raise.

For this fundraiser I need to:

  1. Find out what I’m selling
  2. Do I need to make a brochure?
  3. Figure out how I’m going to sell it (door to door, business to business, etc.)
  4. Find out what my target audience is
  5. Set deadlines what needs to be done, and when
  6. Make it happen
  7. Don’t slack off. ( I’ll go into more detail on when I write a post on how I raised $7,000)

I have everything done from 1-5 1/2

  1. I’m selling Yoder meats (here in Kansas)
  2. My dearest dad when ahead and made it without me knowing. Awh. Thanks dad.
  3. I am doing my foreign exchange with Rotary International, and originally I was going to go to all of the meetings myself, but since they were during school I could not afford to lose weeks worth of school. So one of the leaders in Rotary is going anyways, so we made a fundraising video. about a minute or so long. Talking about the meats and why you should make my life easier by buying it.   P.S. Talking in front of a camera is really hard.
  4. My target audience is mainly older people, and some in their 30’s or 40’s
  5. It needed to be done and the clubs visited by Christmas.
  6. It’s still in the process, but It’s getting along pretty well.
  7. DO I HAFTA?

Yes, you do Jessie, and you will suck it up and do it. <– A daily conversation I have with myself.

But I do it, because raising money can get you to places like LONDON.


That’s in the London Eye. We were all jet lagged and so tired, but MAN it was amazing.


I climbed a really big rock in Scotland.

While wearing a sweatshirt I got in Wales. 😀

I go to do this all thanks to fundraising.

So every time I whine to myself, I really know that its worth it.

Till next time!

– Jessie

Author: Jessie Lee

I travel, laugh and blog a lot. I'm on a mission to become an Epic human being.

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