I survived my first Rotary Party

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So as a (soon to be) foreign exchange student with Rotary International, I attended a my local clubs Christmas Party.

It was a nice, happy atmosphere, that was very welcoming.

The location was very fancy.

They had apple cider.

It was delicious!
My club currently has 2 foreign exchange students here that are not from America.
One is from Australia, and one is from France.
Both lovely ladies.
And they currently have one in Australia, and then me, who hasn’t even gone yet. So it was very helpful to have an Australian to talk with and ask questions.

I learned quite a lot.

Did you know that in Australia they have finals that are MUCH bigger than. Americas finals? They call them exams.
And they are basically your grade. So in America, at least for my school, our finals are worth 20% of the grade, but down under, it’s just about all of your grade.
Because I’ll be going to Australia in the end of their school year.
When the exams are.

After the mingling and the many question I asked to the lovely Australian, we made our way to the tables, talked for about 30 minuted more, and ate.

And ate.

And ate.

There was turkey steak, stuffing, little potatoes, salad, and some cheesecake for dessert.

It was truly a second Thanksgiving.

The dinner was delicious, and afterwards, the president walked up to the podium and said a few words, and the whole club stood up and said the pledge of allegiance and the Rotary pledge.

Of course being the first time I was there I didn’t know the pledge, and I stumbled with the words, and added a little bit of watermelon in there also.

(Throughout the musicals that I have been in, I learned that saying watermelon a couple of times when you’re supposed to be speaking, but not let the audience hear you, it makes it seem like you are actually having a conversation)

(Kind of like what this audience is doing)

There was a brief speech, a moment of silence for a wonderful man who passed away, and then some lovely entertainment by an 8 person group of men. Their name is ‘Hearts for him’, and they sang at least 10 really awesome songs.


Then, there was a giving of honors/certificates.

Lots of smiles and nods of approval.

There was much standing up and giving rounds of applause.

There was a really fun give away shortly after.

I got two garlands of lights that I now use as festive extension cords that light up.

The party lasted about 3 hours, and I was pretty exhausted afterwards.

The Rotary party was a success, and I got to converse with some lovely people.

I’m very blessed to of been a part of a Christmas party, and I look forward to what a normal meeting would be like!

Merry Christmas to all!

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope your Christmas was simply marvelous!

Much love,

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