The 8 steps in a successful fundraiser

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Well wonderful people.

Here is an update for the first fundraising that I have done.

I know when I first fundraised entirely, I reallywanted to know how to really fundraise for tons of money when I have none.
(Especially since I’m a teenager)
So this is more like a time line of what took place in this fundraising.
I divided the process into 8 steps

1. I decided to sell Yoder Meats.

Hams, Bacon, and other assortment yumminess.
(Especially the bacon on yumminess)

2. I gathered my ‘team’ the people who I count on and who is going to make this happen.

There wasn’t many face to face meetings, and I actually never saw a member of my ‘team’

3. There were lots and lots of phone calls.

I decided that I would sell to the Rotary club meetings. With more research, I found out that they only meet during the mornings on a school day, and even though I am half homeschooled, I dotake classes in the morning and I simply couldn’t miss all of the days of school going to the club meetings would require.

So the macho man who deals with all of the foreign exchanges was more than willing to go to the clubs, and email/contact them.

Thanks to his wonderful willingness of helping I was able to sell the meats as well as I did.
Thanks macho man. You rock.

4. After some brainstorming, Macho man had the bright idea on making a fundraising video.
So, we created some short one minute video.
We had to make sure to put these key elements into it.
1. My name
2. My age
3. Where I live
3. What I’m doing
4. Why
5. What my fundraising is
6. I need your help, and I can’t do it without your support
7. What my favorite thing about the fundraiser is/tips
Like since for me I was selling meats, my family bought a small portion just to taste test and the bacon part was SO delicious that I just HAD to let the audience know what they were missing out if they didn’t buy the bacon.
8. My personality

The video was a total success, and I am now called “the Bacon Girl” in my Rotary club.

5. After many more phone calls
(more like 3)
Everyone got the feel on where the fundraising is going, and the questions that we had were answered.

6. For the actual selling portion, there were emails sent out, and macho man even went to some of the club meetings driving great distances to get there.
And again I say.
Macho man, you rock.
So what was sold was about $2,000 worth, and after giving rotary what I owed them, I earned about $500 dollars.

A good start.

7. Then we did the last of the phone calls and texts and emailing back and forth and decided what the delivery times would be and how the delivery would happen.

8. The meats were delivered, and there were many happy customers

So for the 8 steps:
1. I decided what I was going to do
2. I created my team
3. I worked with my team and Yoder meats
4. I created a fundraising video
5. More contacting
6. Selling
7. More contacting
8. And delivery!

In just 8 (not that easy) but definitely doable steps.
I learned so much, and earned great leadership skills while still fundraising/gaining money.

That’s a super good deal.

As much as I dislike all of the work and stress that fundraising has, I’ve gotta say that I always learn so much.
When I first picked up the phone and made phone calls I was a bit rusty.
Making credible phone calls is really impressive.
Fundraising has really been a good teacher for that.

Author: Jessie Lee

I travel, laugh and blog a lot. I'm on a mission to become an Epic human being.

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