Sorta Saturday: The wonders of Geometry Class

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Hello lovelies!

So today is Sorta Saturday.

Sorta Saturday

The first one!

Where I tell a crazy true story and try my hand at digitally drawing,

You ready?


So, whilst in the midst of learning about the Pythagorean Theorem and the Distance formula, and other ways to legally torture children, a classmate who I’ll call ‘Swolo’,  seemed to have a bright idea.

His bright idea was to walk all the way to the other side of the room.

While the teacher was in mid lecture.

In front of the class.

The room view josh

He walked to the hand sanitizer

(in which I am no more than 2 feet away from)

And just took a whole bunch of hand santitizer.

like 8 or so pumps.

And the class is kind of quiet the whole time, wondering what is up with Swolo.

After he got his hand santitizer, he looked at me straight in the eye and said:

The world is a dirty place

And just calmly walked back to his seat.

With the same expression the whole time.

swolo face

This is the same dude that said his leg was hurt because he didn’t want the truck to hit the tree so he put his leg in between the truck and the tree.

I wonder what his face looked like when he crushed his leg.

josh and tree

Who knows.

I don’t understand people sometimes.

But when somebody looks at you straight in the eye after getting a handful of hand santitizer.

And proceeds to let you know that the world is a dirty place, You’ve just gotta wonder.

Whut. Just. Happened.

Till next time~

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