Monday marbles: How NOT to be a mentor at work.

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Monday Marbles. MeanwhileJessie

How NOT to be a mentor.

Now, I’ve been a Nanny, a babysitter, and a Sunday school teacher before. I like teaching kids, and hanging out with them.

But at work?

Where the people are usually older than me?  

Uh, I’ll leave that to the the older than older people.

Because with older people, when they don’t like what you’re doing, you can’t throw the “I’ve been on this earth more, so therefore you shall listen to me” card on them. 

Also, when kids find out that you’re not as old as you look, they don’t dislike you anymore.

Also you can’t always bribe them with candy.

Here’s what not to do:

Manager: Newbie this is Jessie, she will be your mentor for today.

Newbie: Hi Jessie!

Me: Wait what?

Manager: Jessie, you a going to show her the ropes for today

Me: *dies*

When Teaching them your beloved secrets, do NOT do this:

Me: Now you have to be careful with these cups, because if you’re not careful, you can cut a huge hole into them, and that would be a huge mess.

Newbie: Okay!

Me: I’ll show you a little trick on no breaking a cup. You’ve just got to lean it a bit this way, and-*BREAKS A HUGE HOLE IN IT*

Me: *dies*

When taking care of the customer, do NOT do this.

Customer: I’d like to have a banana sundae.

Me: Great! I’ll get that for ya!

Manager: What’s this?

Me: A banana sundae.

Manager: No, that’s a vanilla smoothie.

Me: *dies*

When showing them about how you talk with the customers, do NOT do this:

Customer: Do you have salads?

Me: We sure do!

Customer: Do have any side salads?

Me: No, but we do have half salads. Manager, can you get a half salad for me?

Manager: Coming right up!

Me: Any other questions?

Customer: Do you have hash browns? 

Me: Um, let me check for you.


Me: Sorry we do not.

Customer: You know what? Forget it. FORGET IT.*stomps off*

Manager: What, no salad? *Squints eyes at me*

Me: *dies*

Wow. Writing this all down makes it even more embarrassing. 

Basically, everything I did not want to happen, happened.


I guess mentoring the older is just not my forte.

I’m sure someday I’ll get better at it, but TODAY IS NOT THAT DAY.

I hope you learn from this.

Heck, I hope I learn from this.

How not to be a mentor a work

Thanks for reading!

Till next Time!~

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