Why you need puns in your life

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Hello, hello hello!

Do you have your tea ready?

Tea Talking Wednesday


Personally, I LOVE ME SOME PUNS.

I even have a whole board on Pinterest dedicated to lovely play on words.

I mean how can you NOT love puns?

There are puns that make you go, AWHH

I'm fawned

Click for the Creator’s Store!

There are puns that are just hilarious, but also make you wonder WHY.

thats so regean

There are puns that you’ve probably heard your mom try before.


Also Dad puns

qui gon

There are Inspirational puns!


Tumblr at its finest


Can we just appreciate the fact that there is a comic strip dedicated entirely to puns?


Click for the Website!

off record

Click for the website!



Click here for the Website!

So these puns should help you understand why you really need them in your life.



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