Tea Talking Wednesday-

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Have your tea ready?

Because it’s

Tea Talking Wednesday


I’ve been trying to drink my tea in the mornings before school lately, and having Tea talking Wednesday without tea in my hand seems weird….

So apparently my post for Monday didn’t post on Monday.

It was so totally ready too. 

I scheduled it, but I didn’t exit out of the draft, so it never posted.

Sorry about that. But it’s posted!

It’s only 24 hours late


Today, I’m going to share with you a very exciting thing that popped up in my life!

One of very nice Ladies that I’ve known for a while, asked me to present in front of a crowd about my travels, and what I plan on doing next.

Never mind that it’s a small group, It’s still really exciting!

I really like talking in front of crowds.

Big or nonexistent. 

I’m SUPER pumped!

I’m thanking God I took a class that taught me how to PowerPoint. 

My PowerPoint would be so embarrassing if I never took this class.

i've been places yay

I’d probably look like this.

In fact, I’m still taking it.

But that’s of no matter.

The nice Lady sent me a list of what they’d like answered

•What is the People to People Program?
•–What are the qualifications to be accepted into the program?
•–How many people went on the trip?
•–What countries did you visit?
•–What was your favorite country and city?
•–Where did you stay?
•–What was your transportation within a country?
•–Did you eat any unusual foods?
•–What was the best thing about participating in this program?
•–Was there anything that disappointed you?
•We would love to hear about your plans for being an exchange student in Australia.
•Just let me know if you need any equipment or a screen for pictures, etc.  We like for our programs to last no more than 30 minutes.
It just felt so professional.

It’s great.

I’ve been a Sunday school teacher before, and I’ve helped coordinate big events, go to meetings, and deal with people on the more professional side before.

But I think I’m SO excited about this because it’s ALL me or nothing.

Where I’m the only one that can make it or break it. 

Being a competitive extrovert, this really revs my engine.

Well that’s the really exciting news that I have. I present on the 8th, and I take the SAT on the 9th.

It’s going to be a really busy weekend.

Wish me luck!

Much love,

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