Sorta Saturday- From okay to WHAT WHY IS THIS HAPPENING

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Hey guys.
How have you guys been?
Having a good weekend?
Having a bad weekend?
Want to just go into fetal position and cry?
I feel ya.
I have this really frustrating dilemma.
This dilemma is that my “blog computer” just shut down, and all if my attempts to wake it up are totally futile.
Which has really really bad because I have my presentation PowerPoint (THAT I’M PRESENTING REALLY REALLY SOON AND I NEED THAT) on it, and all of my blog stuff. (Pictures and links)
I was also writing down about 100 vocab. words and their definitions for the SAT next week.
And I didn’t push the save button before it shut down.
I also found out yesterday that some boob in Singapore decided to make a really really big purchase with my debit card number.


This weekend hasn’t necessary been the best

Or the worst.

I have actually had worse.

I’m creating this blog post with my phone and I have no idea how it’s going to look today.
I’m sorry for my failure in my blog post deer* readers.
Sorry that I don’t have any pictures or drawing this week too.
I’m even sorrier that I have so much to do, and this mishap set me back even MORE.
But you know what, I have this picture

*get it? DEER readers? Hahaha-I need a life.

And even though I don’t even know if you can see this picture or not, I DO know that it’s really funny.
And that I want to shake the creators hand.

And I’m going to have to cut this blog post short without my signature, but it kind if works, since today is Sorta Saturday, and this blog post can be summed up to AUUUGHHHHSORTABLOGPOSTAUGGHHDESPAIRSTUDY
Or maybe that’s how you sum up what I’ve been thinking this weekend.
I always get those confused
Hope your weekend is 100 times better than mine!
: )
Much love~

Author: Jessie Lee

I travel, laugh and blog a lot. I'm on a mission to become an Epic human being.

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