Monday Mumbles- Thanks Hipstagram for making my life look dramatic

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Monday Mumbles

Hello lovelies!

So, turns out that my laptop isn’t dead, and my dad just had to stare at it intimidatingly and it’ll start working again.

Who knew?

Apparently I didn’t.

This past week has been pretty crazy, but this week will top them ALL.

With the SAT, and the Presenting in front of people, it’ll be pretty crazy.

I also have a math test.

Not too stressful, but stressful enough to make me question if my brain will ever fully comprehend math.

You know?

I sold my iPod and got an iPhone for better access overseas, and since my iPhone has a way better camera, I’v been taking advantage of all of my camera apps.

My favorite 2 are Viscosity and Hipstamatic.

In the midst of all of the craziness, I decided to try to document what my week has been like.

And I’ve noticed, if you use Hipstamatic, the filters on it make your life look really really intense and deep.

You ready?

052 - Copy - Copy

This cat is just too cute

054 - Copy - Copy

Family class time!

Okay, so I put this end of a couch arm rest cover on my brother, and he just kept it on.
062 - Copy - Copy

Then he FELL ASLEEP with it on.

That was one of the highlights of my week.

069 - Copy - Copy

080 - Copy

Doesn’t this look dramatic?

096 - Copy

My cat just does not give a flying rip

076 - Copy

088 - Copy 115 - Copy

124 - Copy

I saw my friend in a musical that she participated in. She was amazing, and what’s crazy is that a while ago when I did the same musical, I had the exact same part that she does!

We were both Maud Dunlop in Music Man 🙂



This little booger was on me all morning, and I didn’t have the heart to move.

As my week doesn’t look too crazy, it DOES look dramatic. and a little quiet.

Which it sort of was.

In a way.

But also totally crazy.

Taking pictures and everything is kind of fun.

I might do it more often:)

Since I’ve got to start documenting stuff and all.

I don’t know, I might take pictures more now.

Do you guys like it?

Till next time!

Much Love-

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