Tea Talking Wednesday- Who’s the real winner here SAT?


Tea Talking Wednesday

Woah you guys.

Sorry for skipping 2 post days.

For Saturday I had no time to post, but Monday was purely because I forgot.



But I’m here to talk to you about what my Saturday was like!

Because it was the day I took my SAT.


And I actually didn’t take any pictures because I’m a freaking bozo.

I was also taking a test for 4 hours that if you bring the wrong calculator you’re kicked out.

So I didn’t take any chances.

But I did bring a banana!

Although I never ate it there.

I did eat it in the car going home though.

Not that that really matters.

Or maybe it does.


My day started off with me waking up earlier that I usually do for school.

Getting to the building 15 minutes early.

First one signed in.

Then I took the SAT.

The SAT is a really long test.

We had about four 5 minute breaks.

Just enough time to stand up and get a drink.

Maybe even go to the bathroom if you hurry.


There were at least 4 math sections.

I thought I was done with all of the math when I finished the first section.

Then there was another one!


and another one!


and another one.


What it would look like if I was a baby and took the SAT

Finally the last math section rolled around, and it so happened to be the last section for the whole SAT.

And I was totally burned out.

I also didn’t know a single answer on that section, and I blatantly guessed on them.

I’m sorry, but I just do not know how to find the dip in the plane.

Or how to make a quadrilateral equation/formula/thing

But I do know how to make a banana split.

So who’s the real winner here?



I guess the SAT is since I’m still going to practice how to find the dip in the plane.




But if you need a banana split you’ll know who to call.


Much love ~

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Author: Jessie Lee

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2 thoughts on “Tea Talking Wednesday- Who’s the real winner here SAT?

  1. So funny! And… Love the pictures!

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