Wednesday Tea Talk- It’s my brothers Birthday!

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Hello everybody!

Sorry about the craziness in my posts lately. 

It’s been spring break here, and staying up till 2 am and then going to work most of the day and then laying around for the rest is really messing up my blog schedule.

After spring break it should go to normal.

But that’s not till next week.

(Thank you Lord)

Today,  on Wednesday Tea Talk, I let you know that it’s my brothers birthday!

It’s my brothers birthday!

He’s 21!

He’s really great!

We’ve been watching Marvel movies and *marveling at the coolness of them.

(* See what I did there? MARVELING at MARVEL MOVIES? Ah, puns.)

That’s another reason why this post is slightly late because I’m writing this while watching a movie and Loki’s sassiness is distracting.  



And tonight, we shall feast on delicious food.

For lunch we had pizza. and for dinner, spicy buffalo wings!

Plus snacking all day.

Birthdays are the best for tastebuds!

Anyways, happy happy birthday to my crazy adult brother.

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I travel, laugh and blog a lot. I'm on a mission to become an Epic human being.

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