Sorta Saturday- Assembling speakers and insults.

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Sorta Saturday

I helped my brother in perfectly placing and assembling  his speakers and speaker holder today.

And let me just tell you.

We’re super weird, and when weirdness works together, lots of awesome conversations are born.

Me: and wINGS WERE MADE TO FLYYYYYY. Except for penguins, which I don’t understand.

Brother of mine: Penguins don’t have wings, they have flippers.

Me: That is just wrong.


Me: There is a tear in the carpet. YOU BROKE IT.

Brother of mine: That’s what happens when you look at things, they catch on fire.

Are you happy now?


Brother of mine: Now are the speakers level with my ear?

Me: Uhhh, yes.

Brother of mine: are you sure?

Me: eh, yeah.

Brother of mine: Are you just guessing?

Me: Yup.


Me: Woo! I did that and it’s beautiful. I deserve a nice resting time in this comfy chair.

Brother of mine: Get up you lazy butt. It’s not even straight.

Me: Heaven help anyone who works with you and interior decorating. 

Which I’m technically doing.

So, heaven help me.

And since heaven is helping me, I deserve a nice resting time in this comfy chair.

Thanks heaven. 

You rock.



Now believe it or not, we actually finished the project and it looks really good.

Because we rock.

Also heaven is on my side, so BONUS!

Much Love,

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