Monday Mumbles- Departure Date

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Hello Lovelies.

My name is Jessie and I will manage my time better.

Today is Monday which means POST DAY!


And I’m actually posting!

Double Woohoo!

and a glare in my direction.

I know.

I deserve it.


I’m going to post an update on what I learned about my Foreign Exchange to be in the last couple of days.

Instead of leaving in early days of June, I’ll be leaving on July 19th 2014.

I don’t know if I’ve been placed yet, but I can’t wait until I know who my host families are.

I can’t to know how many host families I’ll have.

I can’t wait to see what school I’ll be in.

I can’t wait to see what town I’ll be in.

I can’t wait to do really anything that pertains to learning more about what the heck I’ll be doing for a year.

I’m so very thankful for the awesome stroke of luck to know an Australian, and a girl who is a foreign exchange student over in Australia as we speak to turn to for any questions.

I’m just SUPER excited about learning more of my future.

I guess I’ve always been that way.

I Think I’ll be in Townsville, but I don’t really know.

Here’s a picture that I’ll drool over in the meantime.



Just knowing that I’m one step closer to an amazing year is so exhilarating.

Much Love,



Author: Jessie Lee

I travel, laugh and blog a lot. I'm on a mission to become an Epic human being.

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