Wednesday Tea Talk- Picture Day

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Hello Lovelies!

Today was picture day at school.



Where people get dressed up and have people think highly of their fashion sense for a day.

Uncomfortable clothing readjustments is a given.

Lots of bathroom hair and makeup checks.



More than one groan will be heard from people who forgot what day it is.


Picture day in a picture//:

best smile

that smile doe


I’m homeschooled and only take a couple classes at the school.

I don’t even think I needed to be at school at all today.

But nevertheless I curled my hair and wore an awesome scarf.


But let me just say.


Stuff goes down on picture day.


Before the class picture was even taken, the assistant principal had a ruler and was measuring the strap sizes on girls.

Every suspicious female.


It took a while.


The principals threatened us with no prom for anyone who decides to pull a “wise guy” in the photo.


There was some gasps and some crying.


It took a while.


Then in between every photo taken, there was a guy yelling a cuss word.

The picture would be taken, and then the principals would scan the area and try to find the culprit.


It took a while.


To say the least picture days is always pretty entertaining.


Now the next thing to look forward to is yearbook.

Because something like this  is bound to happen.

picture day


Hope your picture days are awesome!

Much Love-

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