Monday Mumbles- A little Mentoring can really go a long way

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Hello Lovelies!

I wanted to tell you all of the wonderful mentoring experience that happened a couple weeks ago.


Thankfully, I know somebody who is actually in Australia RIGHT NOW that is experiencing a lot of what I am going to be doing.

Her Foreign exchange year is coming at the end almost the same time mine is starting.


{We might be in the air at the same time it’s that close}


It’s awesome to think that I’ll get to know a lot of kids that she has too!


Lucky break huh?


I was able to talk with her mom (The sweetest person) for a while and she was MORE than willing to tell us stories and lessons that her daughter has gone through.

We talked for over 2 hours, and frankly, we could have talked a lot longer.

She told me so much I’ve gotta put these into Categories.



  • It wasn’t until MAY that they heard anything from Australia.

That might not seem like a big deal, but the placing month is supposed to be in January. It’s good to know that the 5 months felt as long for them as it is for us.

  • Most likely going to reside in Townsville, definitely going to be in Queensland, but nothing is definite



  • The School district is most of Queensland and then goes off in the Northern Territory. It’s such a HUGE school district that there is really no way of knowing what school I’ll end up in.

Here’s a picture for perspective.

Map of Australian USD by MeanwhileJessie

I have a handful of maybes, but no “Yes you are going there”s yet

  • All of them have school uniforms, resistance is futile. Some of the schools have hats, and some even have a no makeup policy.
  • Talking to teachers MUST be formal, and please and thank you’s are also a necessity
  • But cussing is no big deal, and done right in front teachers. 

A HUGE change from public school here (good ‘ole Kansas)




I’m not really going to go into detail on this because who am I to blab to the Internet about this?

  • But there will be very low times, and there will  be very high times.

I will definitely come back as a different person.


It’s impossible to click with every host family.

This one took a while to sink in.

I’m a big people pleaser.

This’ll be difficult for me.


  • Learning to be self sufficient, and able to adapt to different situations will be something to learn throughout the year.



  • She doesn’t really have an accent, but her way of speaking is different. Slower, and more articulate.

Here and then a little TOEMAHTOE instead of TOEMAYTOE may come out.

{Don’t know if you guys know, but in Australia, their way of speaking is s-l-o-w-e-r, and some Australians believe that fast talkers have something to hide}



  • If I really wanted to make the time, I could have a job an work throughout the year if money is a big deal.

Or I could try to live it up in school and do a bunch of extra-curricular activities.

You’re only Public-schooled again once!

(or something like that)



  • A Skype every so often, and an awesome app called ‘What’s App?’ That works internationally. 

“What’s App” apparently can send pictures and texts super fast, and free.



  • America is much more laid-back style wise, and the clothes are a lot cheaper here as well.

Australian’s (with it being hot and all) like to show a lot of skin.

  • The cost of living is a lot more expensive there, but that won’t pertain to me as much {BONUS!}



It was truly wonderful, and I am SO very glad that I’m blessed enough to have a ‘mentor’ in the sense that if I have any questions that she can answer, that she’ll be more than willing to answer in a heartbeat.

Now that I know a lot more than I did a couple weeks ago, I feel so much more confident about actually pursing
(and waiting for an answer) for Australia.


Till Next time!

Much Love~

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