Wednesday tea Talk- You’re doing it wrong Australia

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Youre doing it wrong Australia



Hello Lovelies!


And with news on Australia.

A couple weeks back, Macho Man (Dealer of all my Student Exchangeness)  finally had had enough with the little-to-nothing words from Australia.

We had given them EVERYTHING that they needed.

Macho Man has called, and called, and emailed, and called, and emailed for over half a year now.

And they have done basically nothing in return.


So, Macho Man sent a very stern and straightforward email to them.

He told them that their dealings with us have been extremely poor, and we have given you everything they will ever need to do anything, and totally ignoring every effort of communication is horrible. 

That this happened to the girl before me, and that he has had enough.

He said that is this type of communication continues, then they obviously do not know how to properly deal with foreign exchange or communication so he will shut them down from the United States. (they won’t be able to send or receive anybody from America)

[ So he basically sent them an email saying, “Australia, you’re doing it wrong. You’ve been doing it wrong for a really really long time and that’s not cool” ]

Macho man only has the power to shut them down from half of the United States, and they know that, but actually showing Australia what’s what apparently worked.

Immediately after he sent it, He got an email from somebody who is pretty high up, and they guy apologized profusely and said that he will personally try to communicate with the club and see what he can do there, he said that in 48 hours he will let us know if Australia will work for me or not.


By this time, I’d been looking at going to Spain or Taiwan instead.

Because ain’t nobody got time for no answers.


48 Hours later, he contacted Macho Man and said that the club has not contacted them and no matter what, he can’t get a hold of them, and he told us to sit tight, and he’ll let us know when he knows anything.

So we sat tight for a couple more days.

Until JUST YESTERDAY Macho man sent us an email saying that things are looking up for Australia, and if we could re-send a couple of things to them.

We heartily agreed, and now we wait.

So the confidence that I’m going to Australia in May went from 89% to 7% to 99.9999% sure.

But I still have no idea when I’m leaving, July is still $1,000 more than June traveling wise, but it’s already June, and leaving on such a short notice is super hard.


So, this is what happened in May in a nutshell.

And although I STILL know almost nothing, we made some progress with Australia.




Much Love,

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One thought on “Wednesday tea Talk- You’re doing it wrong Australia

  1. Yay Jessie and Super Yay Macho Man!!! Go go go Australiao.

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