Where in the world is Jessie going to be? Part: one too many

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I know, I know, you guys are probably all like, 

Where in the world

and all like

“Geez Jessie you told us about one part of the world saying that it’ for SURE, and then you disappear for the next week or so, and show up with a completely different destination that you had in mind!



And I deserve that. 


That was kind of mean you guys.


Remember in my last blog post where I just kind of mentioned that I was looking at going to Taiwan or Spain while Australia was failing in every communication way possible?


Well I looked more into it.


And to tell you the truth, I’d rather go to Spain, but that’s not going to happen.

And ACTUALLY I had absolutely NO intention of going to Taiwan if I could help it.


But whilst in another hiatus with any sort of communication with Australia, I got this strange email from Taiwan!

There was this girl introducing herself and Taiwan, and wanted to know what kind of school I’d like to go to.


I of course was flabbergasted and kind of weirded out.

So I sent an email to Macho Man saying, WHAT IS THIS. WHY. WHAT DOES IT MEAN.

And he calmly answered with “It means if Australia falls through, then you’ll have a place to stay.”

So as communication with Australia still not happening, communication with Taiwan was booming.

We were emailing each other back and forth, my questions have been answered, I’m going to a business school, and I even have a link to it!

So, with all of the communications going splendidly, I just wanted to know more about Taiwan.

And as I looked at the videos, and blog posts, and articles, it was all overwhelmingly positive.


And I know if you look up anything it’s mostly positive about the place because they want you to go there, but I was looking in the comments section.

and the comments were full of nothing but praises to Taiwan.

About wanting to go back.

Calling it the “Hidden Jewel”

Saying that they wouldn’t trade anything for the experience that they had.

And MUCH MUCH more.


So I looked up Australia, and most of the videos were about large cities, and swimming all day every day.

If I were to go to Australia, I would live in a town of 3,000 people with over an hour and a half to the nearest city.


If I went to Taiwan, I’d be going to Taipei!

The largest city!

The busiest!


And turns out, there is a girl that was a foreign exchange student to Taiwan that lives in a town like 10 minutes away from mine!

So I’m going to meet up with her before I have any final decisions.


Basically this explains what’s happened during my absence of posts on this blog.


that’s me at the computer btw

And I’m going to dedicate a blog post to the Pro’s and cons to both places.

So stay tuned for that! 🙂


But this is the crazy update right now.

Boy I’ve been changing my mind so much ya’ll must think I’m a mouse in a cheese shop trying to choose his favorite cheese.







Now that I think about it the differences aren’t that significant.









Brb, reevaluating my life.


Much love and deciding to do,

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