P.L.A.S. ~ Pre Leaving America Situation


Hello Lovelies!

A LOT of crazy stuff has happened.


Boy, now is a great time to appreciate the freedom given to us by a many a great sacrifices, but dont’t remember it’s not the only time to! 

So, lately there hasn’t been many posts. 

Well there is a reason for that.

I’ve been working 6 days a week!

Which means that the days of the week have been blurred together so crazyly, that I actually think it’s a couple of days before I need to do a blog post.

Then I find out that it’s the day after I’m supposed to post.

And I may or may not of face-palm myself.                               

(Spoiler I do) 

Fortunately, I’ve been getting a lot more money because of the crazy working schedule. Also Fortunate, I had enough to go computer shopping.

So I did.

I Went in the store for a Netbook or a Chromebook, and came out with an iPad and a wireless keyboard for it. Funny how stuff like that happens.

I brought my tech-savy brother and all-knowing dad with me, and they asked a couple of questions  but they kindly stayed behind in the background because it was time for me to put my big girl panties on and do the shopping myself. 

And I DID do some of it, and when I was at a loss of intelligent things to say, they kindly stepped in a asked a few techie questions (that totally flew over my head btw.) And with that semi-frightening experience I came out with a lovely IPad Air and a super cool case for it and a beautiful keyboard.


New things make me happy.

Unfortunately they tend to gash a huge hole into my wallet.

And that makes me sad.

Buying things is a confusing and emotional ride

(Thanks female hormones and tendency to never buy anything)


(You Suck)

So to sum it all up, I’m busy being an awesome worker and get money, and buying expensive essentials for my trip.

My days have consisted of me wondering how my room got dirty, working, being exhausted, and mowing the grass that is too long too fast, and working some more. I’ve called this weird phase that i’ve been in P.L.A.S. Which stands for Pre Leaving America Situatiom.

It’s been crazy, and most of my energy is going towards my foreign exchange. –image

-Wake up so I’m alive for the exchange.

-Work  to get money for the exchange

-Take naps for energy for the exchange

Look up information about the exchange Forget to blog about the exchange Falce-palm myself for poorly documenting the exchange. Buy things for the exchange Answer when I’ll be leaving for the thousandth times for the exchange Download apps teaching country’s language for the exchange Watch videos in different language for the exchange.   I have been on full blast thinking about the exchange. And I’ve gotta say, I love it,   Although it seems like a lot of work and no play, I’ve really been loving the changes in my daily schedule if it means it’s getting me closer to the Country of my exchange Anywho, That’s a little update for why I’ve been as scarce as I have been 🙂 Much love~ Blog signature

Author: Jessie Lee

I travel, laugh and blog a lot. I'm on a mission to become an Epic human being.

3 thoughts on “P.L.A.S. ~ Pre Leaving America Situation

  1. your blog is really cool ! I really want to go on some exchange trips too and travel around the world how do you go about it ?

  2. your blog is really cool ! id really love to do a foreign exchange too so I can travel and all that how do you go about it ?

    • Hi! I’m going with Rotary International, and there should be a Rotary club near you! You can look up online about where a club is. I highly recommend it because you only have to pay for the plane ticket and extra spending money!

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