Arrival! Part~1


Hello lovelies!



Yes I know what you’re thinking.

And no, I’m not dead.

Just settling in.

The things I’ve had to do to end up in Taiwan has turned out to be quite an adventure!

A very LONG adventure, so I decided to split it up into 2 different parts.

So, Arrival! Part 1


The flights that I took were
1 Wichita-Denver
2. Denver-San Francisco
3. San Francisco-Taipei

August 22nd of 2014 felt like a whole week.

I woke up with minimal crying!
Then left with minimal crying!

That was a bonus!
Maybe I was all teared out…

My first flight was about an hour and 20 minutes.
While I was waiting for the flight to board I sat by this nice couple, and while I was trying to find my seat, turns out I had a whole plane ride with them!

They are totally adorable, newly-weds, and Holdeman mennonites!

The whole plane ride we had a lovely talk about traveling, faith, family, and strangely enough, Canada!
It was pretty great.
They kindly showed me where in the magazine was the airport map, and the general area that my airplane was boarding.
Thank goodness for them!

It turns out that my gate was CLEAR on the other side of the airport, and I truly discovered how slow people walk that day.

When I finally got to the gate, it was 5 minutes before it was supposed to load.
But it turned out to be delayed so I freaked out for no reason at all.



BUT I got a good spot in line, and was able to stand and catch my breath.

When we finally boarded, (at least 40 min late) I sat with a window seat, and to my right was an older man, and next to him was a girl who was born and raised in Taipei!
So THAT plane ride was also pretty social.
Turns out the guy thought that I was going to Thailand (as almost everyone does) and showed us pictures, and tons of stories of when he lived in Malaysia for 4 years, and he met and married his wife there, and so many other amazing things!
He showed me his phone wallpaper which is a rotting head that they had hanging around everywhere over there.

He was there in the 70’s and still thinks of it.

Tells you how impactful traveling can be!

But nevertheless a rotting head was a surprising choice for a background.

The young lady that was from Taipei, we ended up going off the plane together, and tried to figure out the airport together. A quick and lovely friendship.

Unfortunately our gate that we needed to be at was ALSO clear on the other side of the airport.
I’d say we walked 2 miles.

We decided to eat, and she was craving some Mexican food, and thus my last time eating Mexican food happened.

Now unfortunately I got dehydrated (Even though I drank 2 water bottles per plane ride) and I had a screeching headache, I was tired, and super hot.

But even with those components in play, I really did have a good time eating Mexican with a new friend.

Turns out she’s currently getting her Masters in Pittsburgh in ROBOTICS.

After we ate, we headed back to our gate, and then I had a fellow rotary exchange student introduce himself, and he ended up sitting beside me, and we started talking about where we’re from and where we’re going.

Another new friend!

And THEN we found another exchange student next so us, and she sat by us, and we had a mutual agreement that we are pretty awesome.

I was on a ROLL with talking with pretty cool people.

It was so easy to talk to them!


But by then I also had a stomachache and an even bigger headache than before!

By the time the plane took off I felt pretty darn awful.
I was internally moaning and wishing I could wither away.

I know I’m such a drama queen.

The last and longest plane ride was pretty awful.

I had a window seat, and I have a love-hate relationship with window seats.

I LOVE looking out the window, but we have to close them on long flights for most of the time for people to try to sleep.

So no beautiful skies to look at.


And then I’m just stuck and I have to make 2 grown men pause everything and move so I can pee.

It was just a super long time to be sitting down, and every 5 hours or so I walked up and down the asiles for a couple minutes.

I watched like 4 movies, tried to sleep, failed, watched tv shows and wished I could stand up.

that was basically the last filght.


I didn’t talk with my seat neighbors or really look at them straight in the eye.

It was kind of weird.


My favorite part about the flight was the map on the back of the seat.

Loved seeing the distance that i’ve gone.

Of course I still had quite a ways to go 🙂


Much Love


Author: Jessie Lee

I travel, laugh and blog a lot. I'm on a mission to become an Epic human being.

2 thoughts on “Arrival! Part~1

  1. Looking forward to all you posts Jessie! It’s exciting following you on life’s journey. 🙂

  2. Great job! Love being a part of your life from far far away. Love you and I look forward to the next

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