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Hello Lovelies!

Missed me?

Yeah sorry about that.

I wasn’t planning on having mty life here in Taiwan be overly-hectic.

Turns out this blog thing is 20x harder without Wifi for most of the day or having an actual computer.

I do so many amazing and wonderful trips on the fly that keeping up with a schedule is NOT happening.

What I’m trying to say is, Goodbye blog.

For now.

It’s too impractical for me at this moment, but who knows?

Maybe in a couple months it will be?

Right now I’m updating everything worth updating on my Facebook, I’m making Videos on Youtube, and keeping a nice and tight Journal.

I’ve got this recording of events thing down everywhere …….except for here.


I really do like owning a blog, but without a computer or wifi, It’s kind of not cool at all.

So for now, Goodbye my dears!


Till next time!


Much Love,

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Tbh Taiwan is…

Hello Lovelies!

So, TONS of stuff.
SO MUCH to say.

Sorry for the humongous delay of any words ever.
I’ve been extremely busy (and a tiny bit lazy)
My life in Kansas is a nap compared to what life is like here.

Here us what a schedule of what a typical day is like:

6:20 Wake up
6:21 Wish I had more sleep
7:00 Buy breakfast
7:30-8:00 Travel to school
8:10-12 Normal school
12-1:20 Travel to Different school
1:30-5:00 Chinese class
5:20-6:10 Club activity
9:00 Eat dinner
10:00Awh yeah bedtime
11:00 Actually fall asleep


I’m not making excuses, but I’m making excuses.


To be honest, I go through SO many new things each and every day it’s exhausting just remembering what I did, let alone actually recording it.


But all in all, Taiwan is amazing.

You can never be truly alone or comfortable because someone is always watching you.

Which is totally weird and hard to get used to, but it keeps me on my good behavior.


I have gotten lost more than I’d care to admit.

Google maps is my bestie


Been put in situations where peer pressure is HIGH


Been offered the weirdest foods to ever be foods.



Sang on the rooftop

Called a ‘Crazy American’

I use the MRT (Subway) at least twice a day

Got rid of ‘personal space’ 

Always so many people


Learned how to be independent

Made friends to where the only communication is acting and bits of Chinese.

Made a speech in Chinese

It was only 2 minutes long. BUT A SPEECH NONETHELESS

Got used to seeing SO many people at once.


Traveled to breathtaking places



Went to many a night market


Cried because I was so happy


Accidentally cussed someone out


Got kicked out of a classroom for knowing English


Learned how to never be embarrassed ever

Had a conversation with someone of just smiles


Discovered that the traffic here is scary

The roads are really narrow


All in all, every day has been filled with so many adventures.
So many exhausting adventures.

I have so many ideas on what to write. I just need to take more effort into actually writing it down.

Until next time
(Which BETTER be soon)

Much Love,

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Arrival! Part~2

Hello lovelies!

You wouldn’t BELIEVE how crazy it’s been around here.

Except for this morning while I woke up at 6 doomed to stay in the apartment for 4 hours while everybody is asleep and the wifi is down, and the only thing to do is watch tv in a language I know not of, and did you know that watching tv is kind of an uncomfortable experience for me if I do it for more than 30 minutes?


Am I alone on this?


Oh, okay. 


I couldn’t explore the city because I didn’t have a key and would unfortunately be locked out.


Needless to say, the windows are fully looked at, I still can’t do a handstand, there is an actual puppet show on tv, and the apartment is pretty darn clean.






Okay, moving on.


Welcome to the second and final part of what my adventure arriving in Taiwan was like!



Okay, so unfortunately I was still on the plane.


This is a selfie of how I felt about the flight btw.


But now that the windows were all finally opened because people were finally waking up, I feasted my eyes on awesome view.


And lots of it.

With cute little lights that meant it was a city!

And I’ve seen cities from airplanes before, but I’d never seen TAIWAN city.


Or a city that I will LIVE in and had to jump through some pretty ridiculous hoops to stay in.


When we finally landed, I locked eyes with my fellow foreign exchange friend, and we exchanged looks that meant, “I thought we would never land” 


Waiting in line to get off the plane, I thought I would feel differently.


I was still excited, but I think I was more excited to be standing up than arriving in Taiwan.

If you’ve been on an incredibly long flight I think you’d understand.


When I was getting off the plane, us exchange students automatically regrouped and talked about what the plan was.


Are we awesome or what?


We got off the plane, and then my friend who I made on my second flight (born and raised in Taiwan) walked with us.


We said our goodbyes and well wishes, and then it was just us.

The foreigners.

No, the awesome foreigners.

Minutes away from meeting our host families!

We went through customs, and got our luggage and found more exchange students!




Haha just kidding.


Everyone exchanged business cards except me because I decided to forget where mine were and not be able to give anybody anything.


Nice going Jessie.


After walking clear to the other side of the airport


We heard people meeting people!



Now I was extremely nervous and excited.


Since we are all in different clubs, we parted ways, off to find our families!




Lots of them.

Oh, everyone found their families!


Where is mine?




*walking around awkwardly*




*More walking around*



Am I in the right place?


So after walking around blindly for a while, I found some people mulling around and talking.


I pretended like I didn’t see them, but to make sure they were in fact my club or not, I walked close enough that they could see me but far enough away to not look as desperate as I felt.


(Classic girl move haha)


They saw me!








I recognized 2 of the people and assumed they were my new parents.


They were! And I hugged the mom, and shook hands with my host brother and host dad.


I was hot and sweaty, and wearing a portable sauna (My Rotary blazer)

Also my hair was messy and I probably looked like a zombie.


But they didn’t seem to mind and that was nice:) 


They started rapidly talking in Chinese with each other and it was awkward standing there and knowing nothing of what they were saying.


And let me tell you guys.


It’s still is pretty awkward when everyone around you is in a conversation and you can’t even join in because you have in idea what they’re saying.


Being an extrovert that’s been something I’ve had to really get used to.


Sometimes I have to be a wallflower.


And other times I need to use my super strength hearing to understand what the heck they’re saying in Engrish.


But I used that awko taco time take a picture!

One time everyone was looking at me and asked me a question and I answered in Chinese (just thank you) 

And they all gasped and applauded.



After many photos and and people asking me if I’m hungry, we were off to my new home!


It was a 40 minute drive from the airport, and I sat in the back of the car with my host brother, who knows barely any English at all.


The parents were talking in Chinese, my host bro was looking out the window, I was still super hot and sweaty, and surrounded by words I do not know, and places I had never seen.


It was wonderful.


And a good reminder that I need to remember to enjoy every single minute of this ‘Amazing once in a lifetime-people usually only dream of doing’ year that was ahead of me.


When we arrived to the apartment, they showed me where the bathroom, the kitchen and where my room was.

And left me be to calm down and get settled in.


Once I was settled in, I went out to the living room and hung out for a bit.


My mom was very welcoming and said to ask of I have a question, and I should go to sleep because I must be exhausted.


So I said goodnight and while laying in my new (humongo) bed, I realized that


“Man, I’ve got it good.”


And I do.


Much love,

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Where in the world is Jessie going to be? Part Third times the charm

Hello Lovelies!

So, here’s the deal.

I went on a trip and had to make some blog posts.

So I made them.

While I was still on the road.

They were finished.

Turns out, that this iPad of mine does NOT function well without wifi.

And it saved none of it.

So, My initial reaction was:

And then go into fetal position and cry for a couple of days.




Let me tell you guys. 

Transitions are hard.

And lame (sometimes)


But no more! 


For I shall figure this iPad and this transition out!

it may take a little while, and be depressed at all of the fails I’ve done, but I SHALL PREVAIL!



And you guys, I have BIG NEWS.












Are you drumming the roll?

I don’t think you are.

It’s okay.

I can wait.
























It’s officially official.

I know what you’re thinking.






I feel ya man.

But now I can tell you that I am 110% sure that I am going to Taiwan as my foreign exchange.

Breaking the news to Australia was actually not as bad I a thought it would be.

Their whole attitude was kind of stand-offish and I don’t care about you really at all.

While Taiwan’s was wonderful and kind and welcoming and more than willing to assist in any way possible.


How crazy is this?


Taiwan wasn’t even on my radar, yet here I am, MOVING TO TAIWAN.



*internal screaming*

If I would of chosen Australia, it would have been a itty bitty town of less than 3,000 people that is over an hour away from the next City.



Even though I’m not even graduated yet here in ‘Murica.

It’s turning out that I go to college, then come back to here graduate high school.

They told me what school I’m going to, and I got to Google Map it and walk around the Taipei streets like I will in a couple weeks! Only this time was virtual and not even the real thing.




Taiwan has given me a time frame in which it would be best if I could arrive.

(Aren’t they wonderfully effecient?)

August 22nd-27th is the preferred time, but they’re pretty flexible 🙂

(How nice)


 And apparently The Rotary club is HUGE and totally respected over there.


So many bonuses.


So many beautiful bonuses making me want to live there as soon as possible!



Much Love~

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Where in the world is Jessie going to be? Part: Two too many

Hello lovelies!

Ever heard of the saying “Don’t compare Blue Elephants to Orange Elephants if you like both of the colors equally?”

Me neither.

But it fits really well in this situation.


Where in the world 2



Now right I need to choose either a blue elephant, or an orange one.

And I like both of the colors equally.

Granted one is of the cools, and one is of the warm color spectrum so they cannot be any more opposite.

It’s still incredibly difficult to determine which one will be best for me.


So, I decided to create this blog post of comparing and contrasting of the elephants.


The Orange elephant (Australia) VS The Blue Elephant (Taiwan)

(BTW how crazy is it that I have to CHOOSE WHICH COUNTRY TO LIVE IN?)

Okay, now I need to start with the real reason why I wanted to be a foreign exchange student in the first place.

It was to see and experience a completely different culture



1. Has a super laid-back attitude

2. People dress slightly different

3. Like living in vacation for a year

4. Won’t have a lot of frustrating “We have it in America but not here” situations when I get homesick 

5. Get to scuba dive and snorkel anytime I have the money!

6. Would much rather be influenced by the fashion of Australia than of Taiwan


1. Not really a big difference in culture

2. Not really a big difference in food choices

3. Not really a big difference in schooling

4. Speak the same language as me

5. Live in a super small town 

6. Like living in vacation for a year (Again. I am not going to go to a country to be on vacation but to learn cultural immersion)

7. Won’t have a lot of frustrating “We have it in America but not here”  (I’m here for cultural differences for goodness sakes not for a nice slight change)

8. Price of living there is MUCH much higher



1. Has a completely different culture

2. Always going to have someone staring at me because i’m white and therefore totally different (I’d be famous! Without the money and fame part)

3. I’d be living in a super huge city

4. Language of the country is Chinese, (lots of people can speak english too!) So I would learn to be partially bilingual!

5. Tons of super crazy foods to try

6. Price of living there is MUCH MUCH lower


1. Always gonna be super humid

2. Always going to have someone staring at me because i’m white and therefore totally different. (gotta admit it’s kind of creepy)

3. Much bigger chance in finding out I’m allergic to something

4. SUPER easy to gain weight because people will NOT STOP giving you food.

5. Would much rather be influenced by the fashion in Australia than in Taiwan

So this has been going through my mind the past week or so.

This whole comparing and contrasting is exhausting! but a very necessary part of choosing.

Much Love~

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Monday Mumbles- It’s Finals time!

Hello Lovelies!

As the time to depart draws nearer, it seems that the list of things to get done are getting longer.

Also it’s finals time, so lots of studying is happening.

LOTS of it.

I’ve also been working more hours.

More work hours + finals = mistake

I was probably scheduled for more hours because people asked off to study for finals.




But for now, there will be short/sporadic blog posts.


One time I was going to work on a blog post, but my mom forced me to take a nap.

(Not that I was complaining or anything)

I do love having a blog,and will get back up on it soon!

But for now, here is a screenshot of one of my favorite Youtubers WheezyWaiter!


So wise