Where in the world is Jessie going to be? Part Third times the charm

Hello Lovelies!

So, here’s the deal.

I went on a trip and had to make some blog posts.

So I made them.

While I was still on the road.

They were finished.

Turns out, that this iPad of mine does NOT function well without wifi.

And it saved none of it.

So, My initial reaction was:

And then go into fetal position and cry for a couple of days.




Let me tell you guys. 

Transitions are hard.

And lame (sometimes)


But no more! 


For I shall figure this iPad and this transition out!

it may take a little while, and be depressed at all of the fails I’ve done, but I SHALL PREVAIL!



And you guys, I have BIG NEWS.












Are you drumming the roll?

I don’t think you are.

It’s okay.

I can wait.
























It’s officially official.

I know what you’re thinking.






I feel ya man.

But now I can tell you that I am 110% sure that I am going to Taiwan as my foreign exchange.

Breaking the news to Australia was actually not as bad I a thought it would be.

Their whole attitude was kind of stand-offish and I don’t care about you really at all.

While Taiwan’s was wonderful and kind and welcoming and more than willing to assist in any way possible.


How crazy is this?


Taiwan wasn’t even on my radar, yet here I am, MOVING TO TAIWAN.



*internal screaming*

If I would of chosen Australia, it would have been a itty bitty town of less than 3,000 people that is over an hour away from the next City.



Even though I’m not even graduated yet here in ‘Murica.

It’s turning out that I go to college, then come back to here graduate high school.

They told me what school I’m going to, and I got to Google Map it and walk around the Taipei streets like I will in a couple weeks! Only this time was virtual and not even the real thing.




Taiwan has given me a time frame in which it would be best if I could arrive.

(Aren’t they wonderfully effecient?)

August 22nd-27th is the preferred time, but they’re pretty flexible ūüôā

(How nice)


 And apparently The Rotary club is HUGE and totally respected over there.


So many bonuses.


So many beautiful bonuses making me want to live there as soon as possible!



Much Love~

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Where in the world is Jessie going to be? Part: one too many







I know, I know, you guys are probably all like, 

Where in the world

and all like

“Geez Jessie you told us about one part of the world¬†saying that it’ for SURE, and then you disappear for the next week or so, and show up with a completely different destination that you had in mind!



And I deserve that. 


That was kind of mean you guys.


Remember in my last blog post where I just kind of mentioned that I was looking at going to Taiwan or Spain while Australia was failing in every communication way possible?


Well I looked more into it.


And to tell you the truth, I’d rather go to Spain, but that’s not going to happen.

And ACTUALLY I had absolutely NO intention of going to Taiwan if I could help it.


But whilst in another hiatus with any sort of communication with Australia, I got this strange email from Taiwan!

There was this girl introducing herself and Taiwan, and wanted to know what kind of school I’d like to go to.


I of course was flabbergasted and kind of weirded out.

So I sent an email to Macho Man saying, WHAT IS THIS. WHY. WHAT DOES IT MEAN.

And he calmly answered with “It means if Australia falls through, then you’ll have a place to stay.”

So as communication with Australia still not happening, communication with Taiwan was booming.

We were emailing each other back and forth, my questions have been answered, I’m going to a business school, and I even have a link to it!

So, with all of the communications going splendidly, I just wanted to know more about Taiwan.

And as I looked at the videos, and blog posts, and articles, it was all overwhelmingly positive.


And I know if you look up anything it’s mostly positive about the place because they want you to go there, but I was looking in the comments section.

and the comments were full of nothing but praises to Taiwan.

About wanting to go back.

Calling it the “Hidden Jewel”

Saying that they wouldn’t trade anything for the experience that they had.

And MUCH MUCH more.


So I looked up Australia, and most of the videos were about large cities, and swimming all day every day.

If I were to go to Australia, I would live in a town of 3,000 people with over an hour and a half to the nearest city.


If I went to Taiwan, I’d be going to Taipei!

The largest city!

The busiest!


And turns out, there is a girl that was a foreign exchange student to Taiwan that lives in a town like 10 minutes away from mine!

So I’m going to meet up with her before I have any final decisions.


Basically this explains what’s happened during my absence of posts on this blog.


that’s me at the computer btw

And I’m going to dedicate a blog post to the Pro’s and cons to both places.

So stay tuned for that! ūüôā


But this is the crazy update right now.

Boy I’ve been changing my mind so much ya’ll must think I’m a mouse¬†in a cheese shop trying to choose his favorite cheese.







Now that I think about it the differences aren’t that significant.









Brb, reevaluating my life.


Much love and deciding to do,

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Wednesday tea Talk- You’re doing it wrong Australia

Youre doing it wrong Australia



Hello Lovelies!


And with news on Australia.

A couple weeks back, Macho Man (Dealer of all my Student Exchangeness)  finally had had enough with the little-to-nothing words from Australia.

We had given them EVERYTHING that they needed.

Macho Man has called, and called, and emailed, and called, and emailed for over half a year now.

And they have done basically nothing in return.


So, Macho Man sent a very stern and straightforward email to them.

He told them that their dealings with us have been extremely poor, and we have given you everything they will ever need to do anything, and totally ignoring every effort of communication is horrible. 

That this happened to the girl before me, and that he has had enough.

He said that is this type of communication continues, then they obviously do not know how to properly deal with foreign exchange or communication so¬†he will shut them down from the United States. (they won’t be able to send or receive anybody from America)

[ So he basically sent them an email saying, “Australia, you’re doing it wrong. You’ve been doing it wrong for a really really long time and that’s not cool” ]

Macho man only has the power to shut them down from half of the United States, and they know that, but actually showing Australia what’s what apparently worked.

Immediately after he sent it, He got an email from somebody who is pretty high up, and they guy apologized profusely and said that he will personally try to communicate with the club and see what he can do there, he said that in 48 hours he will let us know if Australia will work for me or not.


By this time, I’d been looking at going to Spain or Taiwan instead.

Because ain’t nobody got time for no answers.


48 Hours later, he contacted Macho Man¬†and said that the club has not contacted them and no matter what, he can’t get a hold of them, and he told us to sit tight, and he’ll let us know when he knows anything.

So we sat tight for a couple more days.

Until JUST YESTERDAY Macho man sent us an email saying that things are looking up for Australia, and if we could re-send a couple of things to them.

We heartily agreed, and now we wait.

So the confidence that I’m going to¬†Australia in May went from 89% to 7% to 99.9999% sure.

But I still have no idea when I’m leaving, July is still $1,000 more than June traveling wise, but it’s already June, and leaving on such a short notice is super hard.


So, this is what happened in May in a nutshell.

And although I STILL know almost nothing, we made some progress with Australia.




Much Love,

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Monday Mumbles- Departure Date

Hello Lovelies.

My name is Jessie and I will manage my time better.

Today is Monday which means POST DAY!


And I’m actually posting!

Double Woohoo!

and a glare in my direction.

I know.

I deserve it.


I’m going to post an update on what I learned about my Foreign Exchange to be in the last couple of days.

Instead of leaving in early days of June, I’ll be leaving on July 19th 2014.

I don’t know if I’ve been placed yet, but I can’t wait until I know who my host families are.

I can’t to know how many¬†host families I’ll have.

I can’t wait to see what school I’ll be in.

I can’t wait to see what town I’ll be in.

I can’t wait to do really anything that pertains to learning more about what the heck I’ll be doing for a year.

I’m so very thankful for the awesome stroke of luck to know an Australian, and a girl who is a foreign exchange student over in Australia as we speak to turn to for any questions.

I’m just SUPER excited about learning more of my future.

I guess I’ve always been that way.

I Think I’ll be in Townsville, but I don’t really know.

Here’s a picture that I’ll drool over in the meantime.



Just knowing that I’m one step closer to an amazing year is so exhilarating.

Much Love,



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I survived my first Rotary Party

So as a (soon to be) foreign exchange student with Rotary International, I attended a my local clubs Christmas Party.

It was a nice, happy atmosphere, that was very welcoming.

The location was very fancy.

They had apple cider.

It was delicious!
My club currently has 2 foreign exchange students here that are not from America.
One is from Australia, and one is from France.
Both lovely ladies.
And they currently have one in Australia, and then me, who hasn’t even gone yet. So it was very helpful to have an Australian to talk with and ask questions.

I learned quite a lot.

Did you know that in Australia they have finals that are MUCH bigger than. Americas finals? They call them exams.
And they are basically your grade. So in America, at least for my school, our finals are worth 20% of the grade, but down under, it’s just about all of your grade.
Because I’ll be going to Australia in the end of their school year.
When the exams are.

After the mingling and the many question I asked to the lovely Australian, we made our way to the tables, talked for about 30 minuted more, and ate.

And ate.

And ate.

There was turkey steak, stuffing, little potatoes, salad, and some cheesecake for dessert.

It was truly a second Thanksgiving.

The dinner was delicious, and afterwards, the president walked up to the podium and said a few words, and the whole club stood up and said the pledge of allegiance and the Rotary pledge.

Of course being the first time I was there I didn’t know the pledge, and I stumbled with the words, and added a little bit of watermelon in there also.

(Throughout the musicals that I have been in, I learned that saying watermelon a couple of times when you’re supposed to be speaking, but not let the audience hear you, it makes it seem like you are actually having a conversation)

(Kind of like what this audience is doing)

There was a brief speech, a moment of silence for a wonderful man who passed away, and then some lovely entertainment by an 8 person group of men. Their name is ‘Hearts for him’, and they sang at least 10 really awesome songs.


Then, there was a giving of honors/certificates.

Lots of smiles and nods of approval.

There was much standing up and giving rounds of applause.

There was a really fun give away shortly after.

I got two garlands of lights that I now use as festive extension cords that light up.

The party lasted about 3 hours, and I was pretty exhausted afterwards.

The Rotary party was a success, and I got to converse with some lovely people.

I’m very blessed to of been a part of a Christmas party, and I look forward to what a normal meeting would be like!

Merry Christmas to all!

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope your Christmas was simply marvelous!

Much love,

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